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A Complete Guide to Legacy Trail Lexington KY

Photo of paved walkway on Legacy Trail in Lexington

Buckle up for an adrenaline-charged exploration of the Legacy Trail Lexington KY! This isn’t just any path; it’s an 11-mile adventure that takes you through horse country, industrial art scenes, and serene nature. Starting at the legendary Kentucky Horse Park, you’ll zip along pristine paths beside rolling farmlands, shoot through tunnels under bustling interstates, and weave through energy and creativity.

The Trail’s Historical Roots

The Legacy Trail has its origins in the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Designed as a lasting legacy of the games, it provided a scenic, recreational greenway for non-motorized travel between the Kentucky Horse Park and downtown Lexington. Today, this 11-mile path is a testament to Kentucky’s commitment to blending history, nature, and modern recreation.

Voted Kentucky’s Favorite Trail

The Legacy Trail isn’t just a path; it’s a beloved destination voted Kentucky’s favorite trail! Families flock here for leisurely strolls and bike rides, drawn by the trail’s safe, paved paths and convenient access points. Cyclists relish the trail’s smooth surface and diverse terrain, offering a perfect mix of flat stretches and gentle hills. For skaters, the trail’s broad, well-maintained pathway provides an ideal canvas for smooth, uninterrupted gliding.

Trail Highlights

Starting at the Kentucky Horse Park: Your journey begins at the Kentucky Horse Park, a renowned equestrian center and home to museums, horse shows, and vast rolling fields. The trailhead near the park entrance on Iron Works Pike is your gateway to adventure.

Diverse Landscapes: As you head south, the trail takes you through picturesque farmlands, providing a peaceful escape as you glide along Cane Run creek. The trail then dives under I-64 and I-75, adding a touch of urban excitement before opening up to more pastoral views.

Urban Thrills: Further along, the trail weaves through the Coldstream Research Park and industrial areas, offering a fascinating glimpse into Lexington’s economic pulse. The route crosses Kentucky Route 4 on a dedicated lane of a bridge shared with Development Drive, taking you through a complex of delivery warehouses and industrial buildings.

End Point at Northside Lexington: Concluding at Setzer Way and West Loudon Avenue, the trail connects to the Hope Center Trail and the Coolavin Rail Trail, extending your exploration even further into Lexington’s vibrant landscape.

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