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Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Lexington, KY

You may think you know a lot about Lexington, KY, but did you know these fun facts?Lexington is a fun, down to earth, bourbon loving city that is rich in history and culture. There is so much to know about this enchanting city, so here are fun facts you may not know! Get informed before your extended stay in Lexington, Kentucky.

1. Just as there is a neighborhood dog, Lexingtonactually had a “town dog”. Back in the 1950’s, Smiley Pete could be seen around town enjoying a hamburger and waffles at Brandy’s Kitchen or munching on popcorn at the Opera House. There is a plaque at the corner of Limestone and Main, in honor of this beloved pooch.

2. There are more champion Thoroughbred horses discovered at the Keeneland sales than any other place in the world. Think you are in the market? Be prepared to shell out anywhere from a couple thousand to a few million for one of these Thoroughbreds.

3. Bourbon is the name of their game. Consistently hailed as one of the best bourbon bars in the South, the Bluegrass Tavern is the best spot to test out a few new flavors. With over 450 bourbons to choose from, there really is something for everyone to enjoy!

4. Who says you must visit a museum to see art? Walk through the streets of Lexington to view more than 30 different street murals, with more going up every year. One of the most popular to see and notableis the world’s largest mural of Abe Lincoln.

5. Bluegrass isn’t blue…it’s green. But in the spring, the bluegrass produces bluish buds that give the appearance of bluegrass when seen in large fields. Lexington is in the heart of the Bluegrass Region.

6. Lexington is known as the Horse Capital of the World because of its three major race courses, Keeneland, Kentucky Horse Park, and The Red Mile.

7. Buffalo Trace Distillery was one of the four distilleries to gain a special government license to make “medicinal whiskey” during Prohibition. You can even taste the original concoction, so stop in for a drink, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

8. The soils of the Bluegrass Region are noted to be high in calcium content, which has been proven to lead to stronger bones and greater durability in horses. No wonder so many champions make their home in Lexington!

9. Lexington is home to the headquarters for the Jockey Club. The club is a nationally recognized organization that prides itself on the integrity of Thoroughbred breeding and racing. And because you can’t name your horse just anything, they are also responsible for approving and reviewing the names of every registered horse.

10. The Lexington Public Library is home to the world’s largest ceiling clock. Who knew there was such a thing? Designed by a local artist, the clock depicts the history of horses in the Bluegrass.

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