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Autumn Delights: Exploring Lexington Fall Foliage and Scenic Drives

As autumn paints Lexington in breathtaking hues, embark on a journey through the heart of Kentucky’s fall foliage wonderland. This blog unveils the most enchanting scenic drives and Lexington fall foliage spots where you can witness the fall transformation at its finest. The Arboretum State Botanical Garden of Kentucky Begin your leaf-peeping adventure at the […]

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Our Favorite Spring Gardens in Lexington to Visit

Spring is here and it’s time to embrace the beauty of nature! If you’re in Lexington, Kentucky, you’re in luck because this city is home to some of the most stunning spring gardens you can visit. From vibrant flowers to serene landscapes, these gardens are a feast for the senses and a perfect destination for […]

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5 Must-Do Winter Hikes in Lexington

There’s no need for cabin fever this winter season. If you’re looking for something to do when visiting us for a winter getaway, then get ready for some fantastic winter hikes in Lexington! Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, plenty of excellent trails provide stunning views of nature during the coldest months. Let’s […]

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