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7 Must-Have Travel Items

Whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway or a longer Lexington, KY extended stay at Bluegrass Extended Stay, these must have travel items are not to be left at home! So, double check and make sure these are not left off the list for your next trip.

1. Packing Cubes

Saving space is always key when packing for a vacation. Whether you are trying to fit everything into one carry-on bag for a weekend getaway or only want to bring one checked bag for your longer stay, packing cubes are your best bet to staying organized and save space. So, save your sanity and add these to the packing list.

2. RFID Wallet

No matter where you are traveling to, always feel safe with a RFID wallet. Rest at ease with your credit cards and IDs safely stored during your travels.

3. Earplugs

Drown out the noise by packing some earplugs. These tiny essentials pack the punch by providing you peace and quiet while traveling. No matter if you are on a plane, bus ride or train or just you just want to use them while sleeping in your hotel room they are the essential piece to your stress-free trip.

4. Power Bank

While you are trying to re-charge on your vacation, re-charge your devices with your portable power bank. We are all so connected these days to our devices that when you’re not, it is easy to feel a little out of place. Pack a power bank so that you don’t have to worry about missing that call or not capturing the perfect picture for Instagram.

5. Luggage Trackers

While we always hope it doesn’t happen to us, sometimes the airlines lose your luggage. Let’s face it, if it hasn’t happened to you already, you are bound to run into the unsettling event of losing your luggage. But with a luggage tracker you can easily track your luggage’s whereabouts and help better ensure your things are returned to you.

6. Packable Daypack

No matter where you are traveling, you want to travel as light as you possibly can. So, throw in a packable daypack that you can use for your day trips or outings. Great for carrying water bottles, wallets, jackets or any other odd and ends you might want to bring. They also work great as an additional bag for return trips if you bought more than anticipated.

7.  Well-Organized Toiletry Kit

Toiletries like toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo are essential to your vacation, so make sure they are packed in a well-organized toiletry kit. Many toiletry kits have excellent space saving options and pockets to help keep your toiletries organized with easy access to things you need the most.

So get to packing, but first book your stay at Bluegrass Extended Stay for a budget-friendly stay in Lexington, KY.